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STEM-ing Into Anatomy

Our "STEM-ing Into Anatomy" Project brings the life-changing study of Integral Anatomy to high school and college students. Through corporate sponsorships, we strive to offer these exceptional educational experiences to our youth at low or no-cost. In-person visits to the lab as well as online experiences are available. This program uses forms that have been donated directly to the Institute. 


Through the Stem-ing Into Anatomy Program, students gain:

  • A profound and life-changing respect for the human body,

  • Knowledge of the major anatomical structures and systems,

  • An appreciation of the value of healthy lifestyle choices (diet and exercise) and the impact of disease,

  • An appreciation for the infinite diversity of the human body - including their own.

Contact us for more information on how you can bring STEM-ing Into Anatomy to your school. 

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