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Bonnie Thompson

Jo Phee

Lauri Nemetz

Leslie Kaminoff

Carla Stecco

Bonnie Thompson

Bonnie Thompson - Founder of the Institute For Anatomical Research

We are honored to introduce Bonnie Thompson as one of our esteemed guest speakers for the upcoming conference. With a distinguished career spanning over three decades, Bonnie is widely respected as an author, professor, and licensed massage therapist, making significant contributions to the field of human anatomy and education.

Bonnie's journey began over 30 years ago when she established her Neuromuscular Massage practice after graduating from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy. Through her work with patients grappling with chronic pain, Bonnie recognized the paramount importance of gaining a deeper understanding of human anatomy and its intricate functions.

In 1994, Bonnie embarked on a transformative path by delving into the study of dissection under the guidance of world-renowned anatomist Gil Hedley.

Her passion for anatomical exploration only intensified over the years, leading her to become an invited author for the prestigious Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.

Bonnie Thompson Bio draft (1).png

Throughout her illustrious career, Bonnie's vision for advancing anatomical education and research remained unwavering. She has shared her expertise with students nationally and internationally, leaving an indelible mark on countless practitioners whom she has inspired and mentored.

Today, Bonnie's diverse experiences, coupled with her profound knowledge and unwavering passion, have culminated in the establishment of the Institute for Anatomical Research—a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing education and research in the field of anatomy.

As a guest speaker at our conference, Bonnie brings with her a wealth of wisdom and insight garnered from her decades-long journey of exploration and teaching. We are privileged to have Bonnie Thompson grace our event, and we eagerly anticipate the invaluable perspectives she will impart to our audience.

Jo Phee

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Jo Phee as our esteemed guest speaker for the upcoming conference.

Jo Phee is a pioneer in the world of yin yoga, renowned for her innovative contributions to the practice. As the creator of AcuYin, MyoYin, and Meridian Nidra, she has significantly shaped the landscape of yin yoga.

With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, Jo is celebrated as a teacher's teacher. She has served as the senior Lead Assistant for Yin Yoga founders Paul and Suzee Grilley since 2009. Under Paul Grilley's mentorship, Jo has mastered the entire Yin Yoga Teacher Training curriculum, making her a first-generation Yin Yoga teacher of unparalleled expertise.

Jo's journey into yoga began over 20 years ago, and she was among the first to introduce Yin Yoga to Asia. Having taught over 12,000 hours of public Yin classes, Jo's dedication to sharing her knowledge is evident. She has conducted over a hundred Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings worldwide, inspiring and empowering thousands of yoga teachers along the way.

Raised in a family deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Jo's understanding of holistic health is ingrained from childhood. Her extensive experiential knowledge, combined with formal education from institutions such as the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of TCM principles.

Jo Phee Bio draft (1).png

Jo's commitment to blending Eastern practices with Western science is exemplified through her profound interest in functional anatomy and fascia. She has participated in numerous human cadaver dissection labs across the United States and Europe, accumulating over 1000 hours of dissection lab experience. Her collaborations with renowned institutions such as Stanford University and the University of Padua underscore her dedication to advancing anatomical knowledge within the yoga community. The anatomical teachings in her yoga trainings primarily focus on skeletal variations.

A true innovator, Jo was the first Yin Yoga teacher to integrate a comprehensive Chinese Medicine module into Yin Yoga Teacher Training programs. She has also pioneered the inclusion of practices such as Guasha, Cupping, Acupressure and Myofascial Release, enriching the curriculum of yoga teacher training programs worldwide.

Jo's teachings embody a harmonious blend of Western anatomy and Eastern philosophy, making her a sought-after educator in the global yoga community. Despite being based in Singapore, Jo spends most of her time traveling the world to deliver Yin Yoga Teacher Training programs, all of which are endorsed by Paul Grilley himself.

We are honored to have Jo Phee grace our conference as a guest speaker, and we eagerly anticipate the invaluable insights and wisdom she will share with our audience.

Jo's Topic

The summit is set to feature an enlightening interview with Jo Phee, focusing on the paramount importance of recognizing and understanding human variations in the context of anatomical study. With the title "The importance of acknowledging human variations and how cadaver dissections bridge the gap between the books and reality," this session promises to shed light on a crucial aspect of anatomical education. Jo Phee will delve into the significance of cadaver dissections as a means to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge gleaned from textbooks and the complex realities of human anatomy. By exploring how cadaver dissections offer a firsthand experience of human variations, attendees will gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of anatomical structures and their relevance in clinical practice. This interview will serve as a compelling exploration of the intersection between theoretical learning and practical application, offering participants a deeper understanding of the diverse nuances within the human body.

Jo's Giveaway

As part of her contribution to the summit, Jo Phee is offering a free Myofascial Release Kit for as a door prize for 1 attendees.

Lauri Nemetz

We are thrilled to introduce Lauri Nemetz as one of our distinguished guest speakers for the upcoming event. Renowned as a leading dissector in the field of myofascial anatomy, Lauri brings a wealth of expertise and passion to her work.

With a multifaceted background that seamlessly combines art history, science communication, and movement exploration, Lauri conducts dynamic anatomy and movement workshops that captivate audiences worldwide including KNMLABS dissections at Institute for Anatomical Research. Her workshops are not only informative but also infused with sophistication and a touch of fun, making complex concepts accessible to all.  

Lauri's credentials are impressive, spanning various disciplines. She serves as an Adjunct Professor at Pace University, where she has been recognized for her outstanding contributions with the 2020 President's Award. Additionally, Lauri holds a Visiting Associate Professor position at Rush Medical College/University, further highlighting her expertise in the field. She currently is pursuing a PhD in Contemporary Human Anatomy Ed. at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Laurie Nemetez Bio draft.png

Beyond academia, Lauri is a licensed Creative Arts Therapist, a certified yoga therapist, and a Stott Pilates instructor. She has also served as the past President of the Yoga Teacher's Association, showcasing her leadership within the yoga community.

Lauri's dedication to advancing our understanding of anatomy is evident through her involvement in ground-breaking projects such as the Fascial Net Plastination Project. She has also been instrumental in teaching anatomy internationally, presenting at esteemed conferences and contributing to publications in the field. She is the author of The Myofascial System in Form and Movement and numerous other chapters and articles.

Through her work, Lauri bridges the gap between disciplines, exploring movement and anatomy from historical, practical, and interdisciplinary perspectives. Her passion for education and exploration knows no bounds, making her a truly inspiring guest speaker.

We are honored to have Lauri join us and eagerly anticipate the invaluable insights she will share with our audience.

Lauri's Topic

Lauri's interview topic for the summit revolves around "Perception and Dissection: Visual Rhetoric and Understanding"


This session delves into the profound influence that images, particularly those related to anatomy such as fascia, have on our comprehension and interpretation. It explores how the visuals we encounter, from historical depictions to contemporary representations, shape our understanding of complex concepts. Moreover, it examines the reciprocal relationship between what we perceive and what we believe we know, highlighting how our preconceived notions influence the visuals we create and utilize in various contexts. Through this discussion, participants will gain insights into the intricate interplay between perception, imagery, and comprehension, offering valuable perspectives for diverse fields and disciplines.

Lauri's Giveaway

As part of her contribution to the summit, Lauri Nemetz is offering attendees an exclusive opportunity to delve deeper into the fascinating realm of myofascial dynamics. Participants who register for the event will receive a generous 20% discount code for Lauri's acclaimed book, "The Myofascial System in Form and Movement." This comprehensive guide promises to enrich readers' understanding of the intricate interplay between structure and movement within the myofascial system. Additionally, registrants will have the chance to engage directly with Lauri Nemetz and Leslie Kaminoff in a special Q&A Zoom session, providing a unique platform for insightful discussions and valuable insights into KNMLABS information. This giveaway not only enhances participants' learning experience but also fosters a dynamic exchange of knowledge and expertise in the field of myofascial exploration and understanding.

Leslie Kaminoff

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our next esteemed guest speaker for this summit, Leslie Kaminoff.

Leslie is not just a yoga educator; he is a visionary inspired by the rich tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar. Internationally recognized as a specialist in yoga, breath anatomy, and bodywork, Leslie's influence spans over four decades. His workshops and educational programs have left an indelible mark on leading yoga associations, schools, and training programs both in America and around the globe.

What sets Leslie apart is his unique approach to teaching, which seamlessly blends intellectual rigor, spontaneity, and humor. His teaching methodology is always evolving, reflecting his deep commitment to continuous growth and learning.

As the founder of The Breathing Project, a non-profit organization based in New York City, Leslie has dedicated himself to advancing educational standards for yoga teachers and other movement professionals. His groundbreaking year-long course, available online at, has revolutionized how anatomy is taught in the yoga community.

Together with Amy Matthews, Leslie authored the best-selling book "Yoga Anatomy," a seminal work that has become a cornerstone for yoga practitioners and educators alike.

Rachel Scott bio draft.png

For those eager to delve deeper into Leslie's teachings, you can find him across various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, under the handle YogaAnatomy.

Join us in welcoming Leslie Kaminoff, a true luminary in the world of yoga education, as he shares his profound wisdom and insights with us today.

Leslie's Topic

Leslie's interview topic for the summit revolves around What's in a Name? Dissecting Nomenclature of the Diaphragm with Leslie Kaminoff

Labeling anatomical structures can be very useful ~ as well as create confusion! In this chat with Gil, best-selling author of Yoga Anatomy and renowned yoga teacher Leslie Kaminoff will discuss the traditional mis-labelling of the diaphragm's origin and insertion. Challenging this conventional labelling not only shifts how breath may be experienced, it also brings into sharp focus the caution with which we may wish to approach all anatomical nomenclature.  

Leslie's Giveaway

Registrants will have the chance to engage directly with Lauri Nemetz and Leslie Kaminoff in a special "ask me anything!" seminar!

Carla Stecco

We are honored to announce Dr. Carla Stecco as a distinguished guest speaker for our upcoming event. Dr. Stecco is not only an esteemed Orthopedic Surgeon but also a revered Professor of Human Anatomy at the University of Padova.

As a founding member of the Fascial Manipulation Association and the Fascial Research Society, Dr. Stecco has dedicated her scientific career to the meticulous study of human fasciae. Her expertise spans macroscopic, histological, and physiopathological aspects, with a particular focus on understanding the intricate complexities of this connective tissue.

Dr. Stecco's commitment to advancing knowledge in her field is evident through her extensive scientific contributions. With over 100 cadaver dissections for research purposes and more than 100 peer-reviewed papers, Dr. Stecco's work has significantly enriched our understanding of the human fascial system.

As an author of several authoritative books, including "Functional Atlas of the Human Fascial System," Dr. Stecco's insights have been instrumental in shaping the discourse surrounding fascial anatomy and manipulation techniques. Her dedication to education is further demonstrated through her organization of theoretical-practical courses on Fascial Manipulation worldwide.

Carla Stecco Bio Draft (3).png

Dr. Stecco's expertise has garnered international recognition, and she has been invited to speak at prestigious conferences around the globe. Through her impactful research and dissemination of knowledge, Dr. Stecco continues to inspire and inform clinicians and researchers alike.

We eagerly anticipate Dr. Stecco's invaluable contributions to our event and look forward to gaining insights from her wealth of experience and expertise in the field of human anatomy and fascial research.

Dr. Stecco's Topic

Dr. Carla Stecco's interview topic for the summit revolves around "The Role of Fasciae in Pain"


The upcoming interview with Dr. Carla Stecco promises to shed light on the pivotal role of fasciae in the experience of pain. With the title "Role of Fasciae in Pain," Dr. Stecco will guide participants through an insightful exploration of the intricate connections between fasciae and pain perception. Drawing from her expertise, Dr. Stecco will illuminate how the diverse array of fasciae within the body possess distinct characteristics that become evident through meticulous dissection. The session will commence with a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation.

Dr. Stecco's Giveaway

Following the presentation, Dr. Stecco will engage with participants, addressing their queries and delving deeper into the multifaceted interplay between fasciae and pain. This interview promises to provide invaluable insights for healthcare professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering a deeper understanding of the role fasciae play in the complex landscape of pain.

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