Bonnie Thompson, LMT, CNMT

Founder,  Board Chairperson  

As a respected author, professor, and licensed massage therapist for more than 30 years, Bonnie has devoted her life to exploration and teaching the intricacies of the human body. A graduate of the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy, Bonnie first opened her Neuromuscular Massage practice in 1987.


Treating many patients with chronic pain, Bonnie immediately recognized the need to better understand and advance her knowledge of human anatomy and its functions. In 1994, Bonnie began her studies in dissection with world renowned anatomist Gil Hedley and later was an invited author by the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.


Her vision intensified while working on various projects throughout her career. In addition, she taught for schools both nationally and internationally where she has consistently inspired a community of practitioners. Bonnie’s diversity and practical experience in the fields of anatomy and neuromuscular therapy, combined with her knowledge and passion has grown into this viable dream of creating a non-profit organization that is dedicated to anatomical education and research.

James Pulciani, BS, CMT, L.Ac.

Executive Director  


James has devoted his life to healing and teaching holistic medicine. Respected author, consultant, and professor, Jim has touched the lives of not only his many clients, but students and colleagues as well. His books Holistic Bodywork: Blending Modern and Ancient Bodywork Principles, and Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Elemental Approach are standard text for associate degree programs and instructor training programs throughout the United States. 


Through his work with program development and keynote speaking engagements, James shares his knowledge utilizing innovative and interesting educational methods, often being in high demand by both schools and students alike. Combining a talent for teaching with unparalleled knowledge and skill in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy, James shares his passion and love for healing in effort to alleviate imbalance for all that seek mind, body, and spirit restoration.


James is integral to the Institute for Anatomical Research where he will work to develop new protocols, modalities and develop curriculum to expand the knowledge of anatomy for a versatile community of practitioners.

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