Our Venues 

We provide two Enthusiastic, Creative Environments to study anatomy through cadavers

Our cadaver labs are open-minded spaces created for the pursuit, exploration and education of anatomy by professionals and students dedicated to advancing health and healthcare.  Respect for our donors and the seriousness of our practice is our primary focal point. However, we love the lab to be lively, enriching and ultimately educational.  

Our Home in Colorado Springs 

Here we offer a clean, well-equipped dissection laboratory that is a bright, and well-ventilated space. This is our smaller location accommodating up to four dissection tables at the same time. 

If you are an experienced dissector you will love our lab as well as our cooler set up, as it is easy to manage the cadavers and bright enough to see what you are doing. 

If you are new to dissection you will love working with our patient and qualified staff as they guide you through best practices and help you get the most out of your inquiry. 

We also have a comfortable, inviting classroom, in addition to our dissection space.

You have the ability lecture either at a whiteboard or project from your device. We also have a number of props such as skeletons, bones and other models.

We also have our very own “cadaver” made of felt and other learning tools such as clay for sculpting. We pride ourselves on providing a clean, professional environment for your anatomy experience.

Colorado springs is a destination for its sights and Recreation

We are located in beautiful Colorado Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak. There is a lot to do during your down time at the lab. We are located minutes from shopping in Old Colorado City, hiking at the world-famous Garden of the Gods, or if you think you are up to it, hitting the Manitou Incline!

Our Branch in Denver  

Thanks to our partnership with Tomorrowlink we now have a location in Denver Colorado.  

Here we also offer a clean, well-equipped dissection laboratory that is also a bright, and well-ventilated space.  However, this is our larger location accommodating up to 8 dissection tables at the same time. 

This location offers us the ability to host bigger events with more participants 

This space has a comfortable, larger conference area , in addition to our dissection space.

You may use this area as a meeting room utilizing our large conference table or as a lecture classroom. 

 We pride ourselves on providing a clean, professional environment for your anatomy experience.

Denver  is a national destination for its central location, its International Airport and Metropolitan atmosphere.  

Our lab is located in central Denver close to metro transit, and many restaurants and hotels.  There are also an number of parks, hiking trails and other types of entertainment for you to enjoy in your downtime from the lab.  

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