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Even if you can not attend our classes or volunteer at the lab you can contribute to our efforts by making a tax deductible donation.

Your donations will directly support our efforts to keep the lab costs low to allow for better access for students. 

Your donations allow us to develop programs that reach out into the community at large to better their understanding of health and the affects of our choices on our bodies.   

The lab has a goal of expanding  more into the online environment so we can reach more of you with the amazing information we are constantly discovering in the lab. 

This takes band width and money help us reach more people by donating today.   

Online donations 

There is no donation too small or two big for us to use at the lab.  Here are a couple of quick pay pal options for you to send a small donation 

  • $5 donation                  $10 donation 

  • $20 donation                $40 donation 

  • $50 donation                $100 donation 

                     Chose your own amount 

Other types of donations 

If you do not use paypal or credit cards or would like to pay with a check you may mail that directly to us at the address below.  If you would like to make a cash donation please drop that by our location and we would be happy to receive that from you.  

Any other arraignments or specific details that you may need to discuss about your donation you can contact us and we will be happy to discuss those with you 

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