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Our Mission

Honor the Individual

Every human body is unique. Through our studies, education, and research, we foster an appreciation for the infinite diversity and variation of the human form. We believe that the only true study of anatomy is in the cadaver lab, and we look beyond the pages of the anatomy books to study the human body as it actually is. There is no "average" or "normal" human; each new donor gives us the opportunity to foster a more inclusive and open-hearted vision of ourselves.

Foster Connections

We embrace an Integral Anatomy perspective, which honors the continuities and relationships. Not only do we witness these relationships in the physical body; we also recognize our interdependence in our relationships with others. We are committed to fostering greater inclusion, awareness, and connection within our own communities. 

Create and Engage

The learning environment of the Institute is respectful, safe, creative, and engaging. We consider our donor forms to be our primary teachers, and we are continually humbled by what we learn from each of them. Our learning space encourages curiosity, compassion, humility, and wonder. 

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