Willed Body Donation

Through our Willed Body Donation Program, we fulfill a person’s wish of providing their body to science for study, thereby broadening the depths and bounds of human understanding of the body. Making a gift of this magnitude is incalculable in its value to those who work and learn at IAR. With our donors' permission we can obtain a history of the individual's life, how they lived, their occupations and hobbies along with medical information. With this information we can gain dramatic insight about correlations to physical manifestations at play in the body, creating unparalleled possibilities in research outcomes. In other cadaver lab settings, the personal background information is often missing, obscure or incomplete leading to similarly obscure hypotheses or assumed causal relationships.


Direct willed donation to IAR sets us apart as a Laboratory, and it allows us, through our donors to be on the forefront of anatomical research. We receive the body postmortem and our donors are handled with care and reverence, and provide our Professional Researchers and students with amazing opportunity to learn and understand, going forward to pursue their studies or do their jobs with more skill and confidence.

Generally the process goes as follows: The Donor and/or Donor's family obtains all permissions. If there is enough time you will file your intent directly with us before death.  When the time has come contact us and we will help guide you through the process as it will depend upon your unique circumstances as to how we will proceed.  There may be some circumstances that will prevent donation.  Once we have obtained the gift, we will then engage in approximately a year of study, afterward, the human form is then returned for cremation and transferred to the family.

Costs for this process can be donated or provided by the Institute for Anatomical Research.

Donation of your body post-mortem is a treasured gift that we regard with the same respect and dignity that you deserved in life. In fact we refer to our body donors as the “teachers” for it is from them that all the learning comes forth. We thank you for your consideration.

To discuss the donation process or to request a donor application, please contact the Institute for Anatomical Research directly by phone or click the link below.

  • To learn more about the details of donating to us through our Willed Body Donation Program.

  • To learn more about how our lab works with Professional Researchers.

  • To see upcoming offerings at the lab using cadavers provided through the Willed Body Donation Program.


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