Frequently Asked Questions

What is "whole body" donation?

In a whole body donation, the entire body will be used for anatomical study. By studying the body as a whole, students gain invaluable insights into the relationships, variations, and continuities that exist within each form. After study, the body is cremated and is then returned to the family or executor.

Are all persons eligble for donation?

There are some circumstances when we are unfortunately unable to recieve a body for donation. Contributing factors could include the donor's condition, location, or other factors. While we hope to welcome all donations, the Institute reserves the right to make that determination at the time of the donor's passing.

How do I donate my body to your facility?

There are a few steps you must take in order to set up your donation.

  1. Familiarize yourself with our dontation requriments by requesting a donation packet.
  2. Sign and return the packet to the Institute.
  3. Make arrangements with you preferred funeral home.
  4. Upon passing or imminent passing, have your excutor contact us at the Institute.

Is there any expense to donating my body to the Institute?

The expense depends on your individual circumstances.

  1. All donors must contract with a local company to transport the body to their preferred funeral parlor at the time of death. This cost is incurred by your estate.
  2. Other transportation costs:
    1. If you are local to the lab, the Institute can help with the costs of transfer to the lab.
    2. If you are out of state, the cost of embalming and shipping to the lab is incurred by your estate.
  3. Your cremation and return of remains will be covered by the Institute.

When I pass how will my body get to the lab?

If you are out of state, then it is your resposibility to contract with a local funeral home to pick up, store, and ship the form to the lab. If you located within Colorado, then you will need to contract with a funeral company to pick up your body upon passing. The Institute can help arrange for transportation to the lab from that point forward.

What are the benefits to whole body donation?

When you make a whole body donation, your legacy will live on as your body becomes a teacher in our lab. Students and professionals will gain invaluable insight from their study. Many of our teachers and students use their experience at the lab to directly improve the lives and well-beings of others through their work as doctors, clinical care workers, massage therapists, chiropractors, and other wellness practitioners.

Will I get a funeral service?

Funeral services and other ceremonies of passing are completely at your discretion and as per your wishes. At the time of passing, you may wish to have your body embalmed and a service performed at your local funeral home and/or other location. The lab would be happy to wait for that process before we take possesion of your body. If you prefer, you may also choose to wait until the Institute has completed its studies. This option may perhaps be more suitable for those who wish to donate their form unembalmed. Once the Institute has completed its work, the cremains would be returned to your family and they could hold a service.

Can I donate my body from any state?

While you can donate your body from any state, the Institute does not have the financial means to arrainge for transfers outside of Coloraod. The cost to your estate will vary depending upon where you are and what arrangements you have made with your local funeral home.

Who initially handles my body when the time comes?

You will make arrangments with a local funeral home to pick up and store your body. From there, handling will depend upon your location:

  1. If you are within Colorado, then we can help with embalming or freezing process and transfer to the lab.
  2. If you are out of Colorado, it will be your financial and logistical resposibility to arrange for embalming and transfer to the lab.

Who does my estate contact when the time comes?

Your estate will contact both the Institute and the funeral home with which you made your initial arrangments. We will be able to handle the arrangments from there.

How are you notified of my passing?

The executor of your will contact us directly regarding your wishes. Please ensure that your wishes are well-documented and understood.

How long do you keep the body?

How long we keep a body depends upon the projects and classes that are currently in process at the Institute. We usually have forms at the Institute for one month up to a year, at which point the cremains are returned to the family.

What happens after you are done with the body?

During our studies at the lab, we take very good care of our forms to ensure that they are cared for and respected. Once studies are complete, the entire body is cremated and returned to the family. This cost will be taken care of by the lab and its agents.