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The Anatomical Yoga Project September 22-24, 2019

Pacific Restorative Therapy and the Institute for Anatomical Research have teamed up to bring you a most unique yoga learning experience in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This is an ongoing series of movement and anatomy-based yoga experiences developed to increase your knowledge and expertise of the human body.

This 3-day project will combine passionate, anatomically driven yoga teachers with prepared human forms from which you can intimately observe and learn the origins of movement.

Designed for all levels of yogis and yoga teachers, this class will lead you to a greater understanding of how the body works, the parts of the body involved in various asanas, location of typical injuries and the wonder of how these vessels perform during yoga and life.

From September 22 through September 24, 2019, we will be led by Chelsea Danae, an E-RYT 500-hour yoga instructor whose emphasis is on biomechanics, anatomy and movement science. She has been greatly influenced by her teacher Jules Mitchell through her years of training. Chelsea takes time in classes to explain some of the finer points behind an asana because she feels when it makes sense in the mind and in the body, the information is absorbed more fully by the students thus fostering a deeper and perhaps more fulfilling practice.

At the Institute for Anatomical Research, we will have the privilege of learning from James Pulciani, author and Director of the Institute. James has devoted his life to healing and teaching holistic medicine. Respected author, consultant, and professor, Jim has touched the lives of not only his many clients, but students and colleagues as well. His books Holistic Bodywork: Blending Modern and Ancient Bodywork Principles, and Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Elemental Approach are standard text for associate degree programs and instructor training programs throughout the United States.

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